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Date(s) - 04/05/2018 - 04/06/2018
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 2


Covert Methods of Entry (CMoE) Training

Our Covert Methods of Entry (CMoE) Class (also known as Specialized Entry Training) is designed for everyone from a first-year patrol officer to a seasoned SWAT operator or undercover detective as well as all Military Special Forces/EOD personnel. Training is accomplished in two eight-hour days with a hands-on approach. Topics include picking door knobs and deadbolts, padlocks, fire safes, emergency vehicle entry techniques, multiple shimming techniques, and numerous lock bypass techniques. Preparation for entry is discussed to include both commercially made and field expedient tools, scouting and surveillance, legal issues, covert and surreptitious entry methods, and much more. Training is conducted by a police veteran with over two decades of experience who is also certified as a locksmith and is a patent owner, as well as a very qualified team of locksmiths with field experience in varying covert entry techniques. Each student will receive a free basic lock pick set upon successful completion of the class as well as 16 hours of AZ POST training credit.  Cost is $495 per student.


Day One
During the first day of training the topics include:
Instructor & Student introductions
Ethics issues surrounding keyless entries: .5 hours
Intelligence gathering and mission planning: 1.0 hours
Lock familiarization and operation: 1.5 hours
Introduction to lock picking, tools, and techniques: 1.0 hours
Lock picking – practical, hands-on experience picking a variety of locks
(250+) including knobs, dead bolts, padlocks, & specialty locks: 3.0 hours
Techniques for defeating common padlocks including the warded type, the
four- number combination lock, and TSA locks: 1.0 hours
Homework – students going home for the night are assigned to take their
pick tools with them and attempt to open the locks on their residence

Day Two
The second day of training includes:
Opportunity to ask questions which may have come up after the first day
of training.
Vehicle entry techniques and issues: 1.5 hours
Lock Bumping techniques, issues, and hands-on training: 1.0 hours
Explanation and demonstration of the various bypass techniques used to
defeat residential and commercial lock systems including L-handles,
magnetic locks, and mortise cylinders: 1.0 hours
Additional lock picking application: .5 hours
Exposure several specialized techniques used to defeat high-security
padlocks, Adams rite mechanisms, & similar mechanisms: 2.0 hours
Additional lock picking application: 1.0 hours
Review and questions
Final exam: 1.0 hours
Graduation & issuance of student pick sets and course paperwork
*Schedule is subject to change for logistical reasons


This event is fully booked.